Making the decision to sell your Arizona home can be driven by many forces, but one thing is for sure, you want to get the best return on investment (read: a high price tag for your home!). Before you put your house on the market, you may want to perform select home renovations. Doing so can help increase the final price of your home and help you sell it quickly. 

One home renovation that is often overlooked by homeowners is upgrading the HVAC systems. This is especially true in Arizona where temperatures reach well over 115 degrees in the summer months. Typically, installing a new air conditioner, heat pump, or package unit is a pretty safe bet and smart investment before selling a home.

What makes an HVAC upgrade a safe choice? 

No matter what, everyone in Arizona uses their HVAC system everyday. Yes, there are different brands and choices when it comes to your cooling & heating systems. However, no matter what you put into your home, it is very likely that the next homeowner will utilize the system and, if the system is new, they will likely keep it for its lifecycle. 

The HVAC system inside most homes is not the same as other essentials. For example, your kitchen. You could spend tens of thousands of dollars renovating your kitchen and select colors, textures, and appliances that would match your needs. What you choose may not appeal to a potential buyer and you will see close to no return on your investment. 

When choosing what renovations to complete, research and analyze which are going to add the most value. These will be the ones to focus your energy and the ones that will maximize return on investment. Your real estate agent should be able to offer a little insight as to what renovations you should complete before listing your home.

Other Beneficial HVAC Upgrades

While purchasing a new ac unit, furnace, or package unit can be very beneficial when selling your home, so can other HVAC upgrades.

  • Insulation – Poor insulation is an easy fix and generally has a great ROI. When you properly insulate your walls, it will improve the home’s ability to regulate temperatures and help your systems perform efficiently.
  • Air Ducts – The ductwork inside your home has several opportunities for upgrades. If you are choosing to replace your units, you many need to update the ductworks to accommodate the newer system. Another option for upgrading your air ducts  is to have them professional inspected and cleaned. This is especially important if you have completed other renovations that created a lot of dust. 
  • Windows – Exchanging your old windows for energy efficient ones can increase your home’s value. New windows can not only reduce drafts and increase your HVAC system efficiency, but they are a highly sought after feature of homebuyers. 
  • Thermostat – If you have a traditional thermostat, upgrading it to a smart thermostat can be appealing to homebuyers. While this may seem more of a luxury item, and not a necessity, it is still a very wanted item for new homebuyers. A smart thermostat can also signal that other “smart” upgrades have been completed in the home.

Most homebuyers are willing to pay a little extra to have these things done for them, which makes these appealing upgrade a great selling point to disclose. Be sure to list any and all recent upgrades when listing your home for sale. 

If you are interested in upgrading your HVAC system before selling your home, contact 2C’s Cooling & Heating. We will assess your home and current HVAC system to provide you with an honest, FREE estimate for a system upgrade. Our team has over 15 years experience installing HVAC systems and will make sure your new system is installed in a timely manner. We are your East Valley cooling & heating professionals!

Is Your Home’s HVAC System In Need Of An Upgrade?

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