Living in Arizona requires a properly functioning air conditioner most of the year. When a unit decides it no longer wants to work or deal with the 110+ degree weather, it is time to shop for a new unit to be installed. Arizona homeowners are faced with several options when it comes to a new AC unit including manufactures, shapes, styles, sizes, and cooling forms. 

With this many options and choices to decide on for a new AC unit, it is easy to see why consumers get confused when seeking a new unit.

We frequently get asked “what air conditioner is best for my home?” 

Each home is created differently and a professional assessment should be complete before you decide exactly on which AC model to purchase. However, not all manufactures create their AC units the same. The most popular brand of AC unit 2C’s Cooling & Heating installs is Trane.

About Trane

Trane has over 120 years experience in the HVAC industry and builds products that are efficient, function when you need them most, last for a long time, and most importantly, create a comfortable home environment. They are dedicated to quality, innovation, and reliability and have been recognized as America’s Most Trusted® HVAC System. 

Each detail of a Trane air conditioner has been expertly designed and rigorously tested. Trane also designs, tests, and builds their own parts to make sure quality is consistent within their units. Each model undergoes rigorous testing to make sure it will keep you comfortable, even the extreme Arizona climate. 

Why Trane?

Variable Speed Technology

Trane invented this technology to help take your comfort to the next level. Variable speed air conditioning units will intuitively adjust to your heating & cooling needs. These units will only work as hard as they need to and will do so frequently at a lower, more efficient and quieter speed. 

Consider Trane’s variable speed technology similar to a car with cruise control on for a long road-trip. The car will automatically adjust for the terrain to obtain the most efficient miles per gallon. Similarly, a Trane AC unit with variable speed will automatically adjust for maximum efficiency.


With a wide variety of models to choose from, Trane is known for producing efficient, cost effective air conditioners. Purchasing an efficient model will be sure to save you on your monthly utility bills. 


If you have any experience with a split system air conditioner, you know they can be loud. The sounds put off by the interior units can be annoying and potentially problematic. Trane’s AC units are specifically designed to be the quietest units possible. Each unit is tested inside the industry’s only Hemi Anechoic acoustic sound chamber for sound quality.


Trane’s CompleteCoat offers unprecedented protection from the Arizona elements. They utilize this coating to protect the condenser coils in select models. CompleteCoat provides corrosion protection without the worry of decreased performance or coating breakdown. 


Every residential air conditioning unit includes a base limited warranty that covers manufacturer defects for up to 20 years, depending on the product. Trane offers an additional limited warranty when you register your product within 60 days of installation. This is one of the strongest manufacturer’s limited warranties on parts available. Optional extended warranty is available for purchase for coverage on parts and labor. 

2C’s Cooling & Heating is your premiere Trane dealer. Our team is available to help you discover the best Trane air conditioner for your home and comfort. If you are considering a new AC unit to survive the Arizona heat, contact our office today. We work hard for your comfort!

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