Summer is officially here and temperatures are getting increasingly warmer everyday. Is your air conditioning system prepared to manage the heat and keep you cool all season long? Having a trusted HVAC technician inspect your system before a major issue arises is always a good idea. We’re going to walk you through what a typical inspection looks like and why you should schedule one.

What is typically included in a Summer AC Inspection? 

  • Overall Condition of AC Unit(s) – A general inspection of  your AC units is done and your technician should provide you with any issues or potential problems that you might run into this summer. 
  • Check Airflow – By checking the airflow of your unit and duct system, a skilled technician can find any problems that could be restricting your airflow. Restricted airflow can also cause your system to work overtime and create a larger issue down the road. 
  • Check Freon Levels – A key sign that your Freon levels are low is your system is not producing cool air. Checking the levels will let you know if your unit is in need of more or or your refrigerant needs recharged.
  • Check Filter – One of the most common causes of air conditioning complications is a dirty filter. They are fairly easy to check and know if it is time for a replacement or cleaning.

While your trusted technician is inspecting your AC system, they might find a few items that are in need of repair or offer you suggested maintenance. The results of your inspection should be well documented and provided to you after it is complete. While repairs may not be included in an inspection, a trained technician is capable of completing them.

Why have a Summer AC Inspection complete?

As we use our air conditioners over time, wear and tear is inevitable. Some deterioration is not always obvious or has clear signs that it is occuring. A trained professional will know exactly what to look for to ensure your system keeps working all season long. They will also be able to provide insight for potential issues. 

Knowing of potential problems with your AC system or unit before they occur can keep you out of the heat later this summer. It is best to discover a problem and have it properly fixed now. This will save you from being without air conditioning later and the need to wait on a repair technician.

Dedicated Professional Care

2C’s Cooling & Heating is your trusted Summer AC Inspection company! We offer over 15 years experience and are available to examine all brands of AC units. Our team of skilled technicians is trained to provide you with quality service and the comfort you deserve. To offer you an added peace of mind, we are licensed and insured to successfully prepare your home for the summer heat.

Is Your AC Unit Ready For This Summer?

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