The change in temperature is a great sign that spring is here, which also tends to bring a lot of homeowners to start their spring cleaning list. Do you have your air conditioning unit on your cleaning list? Even though it is a relatively silent appliance that doesn’t require a lot of attention, if it were to not run, you would immediately notice. There are a few simple things you can do to help your system work efficiently and keep you cool all season long.

Check The Air Filter

A dirty filter can lead to poor air quality and your system to function less efficiently by restricting airflow. As you turn your air conditioner on this spring, be sure to check the air filter and make sure it is clean. If needed, remove and clean or replace your system’s filter. Should your filter need replacing, your unit should have the specifications for the filter it requires. During months of heavy use, check the air filter monthly. 

Clean Air Vents

Another area of your home that can restrict the airflow in your AC system is your air vents. Dirt and dust tend to build up on the vents. A simple cleaning with a vacuum can suck the dirt or dust from your vents. If your vents are in need of a greater cleaning, you can use a dust rag and knife to get between the vents and into tight spaces. 

Check the exterior of your home

Often overlooked, the exterior unit of your AC system needs to be cleared of debris and obstruction. A clean zone of approximately 2 feet around the unit will allow it to run efficiently. This space will allow your system to pull clean air from outside to regulate the temperature inside your home. 

Hire a professional 

As recommended, your AC system and unit should be inspected twice a year. Doing so ensures that it will function properly and efficiently when you need it. A skilled technician knows all of the parts to inspect and pieces to check to standard wear and tear. They are also capable of discovering any areas that need attention before a much larger issue arises. If you have a newer system, your manufacturer may require annual maintenance to keep your warranty valid.

If you are turning your air conditioning system on for the first time this year or going through your spring cleaning list, be sure to check your AC unit. Are you considering hiring a professional to inspect your system and perform any preventative maintenance? 2C’s Cooling & Heating is your East Valley, Arizona HVAC expert! Call our office to schedule your service today! 

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