In Arizona, we tend to run our air conditioners A LOT! So does that mean when I’m not using certain rooms, I can close the vents? One might think that closing the vents in one room will re-route that air to another room and increase energy efficiency. In reality, it is likely a very different situation that could have an adverse affect on your energy bills.

Increased Pressure

Closing the vents in an unused room does not affect the amount of heated or cooled air your system produces and increases the pressure in your air ducts. The excess air being produced will need to escape one of two ways. 

  1. The air can find a leak within the ducts and simply push its way out. This way delivers none of the air to your home, even though you thought you were routing it to a different room. Leaks in your system can make your system work harder and cause damage. 
  2. The air will find its way to another room in the most indirect way possible. By the air taking this direction, it makes the system very inefficient and wastes the energy you were hoping to save. 

Either way, while you are closing vents to re-route the air to increase efficiency, you may end up decreasing your efficiency and costing you more on your energy bills. 

Balance Is Key

Sealing off a room can increase the pressure inside your home and throw the interior climate off. Closing vents will force your home to draw air from other, less efficient sources such as doors, windows, and other access points. Doing so can create hot and cold spots around your home and create a very uncomfortable living space.

So, can I  close some of my vents? 

The simple answer is no. However, you can close the vents about 50% and still have your HVAC system work efficiently. Remember, three simple things can happen if you choose to close your vents more than the recommended 50%:

  • Energy bills can be higher – You may think that closing a vent or two will increase the efficiency of your system. In reality, it will likely end up increasing your energy bills and force your energy bills to be higher. 
  • System can break down – The more your system needs to work to properly and efficiently move the air throughout your home, the more likely it is to break down. 
  • An uncomfortable living situation can be created – Increasing the pressure inside your home can cause your system to draw air from unwanted places. This can cause uneven heating or cooling throughout your home and make you uncomfortable.

Remember, your HVAC was designed specifically for your home. This means that it is the exact size and the ducts are laid out specifically to deliver air in the most efficient way possible. If you think your system is inefficient, have a professional HVAC technician examine it. They will be able to provide the best option for your home and make sure you are comfortable, no matter the time of year. 

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