Is a new home on your family’s Christmas list this year? Or maybe your goal for 2020? Buying a home is a big decision and requires a lot of thought. Finding the right neighborhood, planning your budget, and searching for a home that fits all of the necessities to accommodate your family is all a part of the process. 

When you finally do find that “right home”, one feature that is often overlooked is the HVAC system. Here are a few tips for checking your future home’s system before you put an offer in.

HVAC System Inspection Tips

  1. Examine the Equipment – The best place to start when checking out the HVAC system in a home, is to examine the equipment. You will want to physically check the actual equipment for damages such as dents, cracks, stains, and rust. While looking through the home, listen for peculiar sounds that could be problematic.Equipment that is 10 or more years old may be ready for an upgrade. If you fall in love with a particular home, but the equipment is older, this is an opportunity to negotiate the home’s selling price. With the lower price, you will have additional funds for a new HVAC system. 
  2. Obtain Any Warranty Information – Many HVAC units come with a standard warranty that most of the time, can be transferred to a new owner. Before you agree to a purchase price, make sure you have obtained any remaining warranty information from the current homeowner. It also doesn’t hurt to ask for any service records and general maintenance that has been completed on the HVAC system. 
  3. Check for Efficiency – You can have an efficiency test performed on the HVAC system of the home you are looking at. This will make sure the energy usage that is needed to heat or cool the home is comfortable for you and your wallet. This test will also make sure the system is the proper size and configuration for the home you are looking at. Again, if the system is in need of replacement, be sure to negotiate the price of the home to compensate for a new one.

Start the new year off right with a new home that is comfortable for you and your family. If you are need of a professional opinion or unit inspection, contact 2C’s Cooling & Heating today. Our office can also schedule your free estimate for a new system should one be needed. Call us today at 602-881-5378.

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