Living in Arizona, you know that it is inevitable to escape the dry air. During the fall and winter months, this cool dry air can cause discomfort inside your home. You can combat this displeasure by installing a humidifier for your home to maintain a comfortable level of humidity inside. What form of humidifier is best for your needs? What can a humidifier do for you and your home? 2C’s Cooling & Heating offers our best humidifier advice to keep you and your home running like it should during these cool, dry months!

There are two general forms of humidifiers, whole-house humidifier or portable humidifier, that are typically used inside a home. Whole-house humidifiers do exactly as they sound like they would do. Attaching to your furnace, this type of humidifier blows the fan across the humidifier pad. The humidifier pad is attached to a water supply and when the air is blown across it, sends moisture through your whole house. 

Portable humidifiers are typically a much smaller unit that can be transported from room to room as it benefits one area at a time. Speaking to a professional HVAC technician, you can determine which form of humidifier is best for you and your home’s needs. We’ll discuss next how a humidifier can help you and your home be comfortable this winter.

Protect Yourself

When your home’s humidity is low, you will likely notice the effects on your body, especially your skin and breathing problems. Monitoring humidity levels can help you protect yourself. Germs and bacteria tend to spread less during the cooler months because there is less moisture in the air for them to use as a way to travel. This same cool, dry air causes your skin’s membrane to be drier and crack, making you more susceptible to germs and bacteria. 

A lower indoor air quality can also cause additional breathing problems for those who suffer from allergies or asthma. Additionally, you might lose sleep or wake up with a dry nose and throat due to the dry air. By installing a humidifier and maintaining a proper humidity level, your skin will stay hydrated and you will likely suffer less illness during the cooler months.

Protect Your Home

Did you know that a lower humidity in your home affects its contents, much like your body? Maintaining a proper level of moisture in the air is especially important if you have a lot of wood furnishings or trim in your home. With a lower level of humidity, you might notice woodwork cracking or separating from being too dry. You may also notice your home’s systems and electronics not working properly due to the low humidity. 

A humidifier can help not only your body, but your entire home and its contents from the dryness of winter. Installing a humidifier will help your home furnishings remain beautiful all year long. Consult a professional if you have concerns about the moisture levels or air quality of your home.

There are many benefits to installing a humidifier not only for your home, but also for your body. If you are considering installing a humidifier to improve the quality of air inside your home, contact 2C’s Cooling & Heating. Call our office at 602-881-5378 to schedule your free estimate and our technicians can help you feel more comfortable inside your home this winter.

Are You Ready To Install A Humidifier?

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