Do you often wake up in the middle of the night or frequently toss & turn? Is it hard for you to get a good night’s sleep? Did you know your HVAC system could be causing you to lose sleep? 

Most Arizona homeowners would not consider their cooling & heating system when managing a sleep problem. Your HVAC systems are utilized to maintain a comfortable climate inside your home and greatly influence your sleeping environment. Temperature, noise, humidity, and air quality are all results of your HVAC systems that can disrupt your REM and affect your sleep hours. We are going to walk you through why these items cause sleep loss and what you can do to resolve them.


The main function of your HVAC system is to regulate the temperature inside your home. When these temperatures become inconsistent, you may have a difficult time sleeping through the night. While everyone has their own preference for the desired temperatures inside their home, consistency is what matters. 

If you notice the temperature inside your house fluctuates enough that your sleep is disturbed, it is likely your system needs to be serviced. A proper cleaning and maintenance service could be the solution for you to sleep all night. Hiring a professional HVAC technician to complete maintenance on your unit is a small price to pay to manage the temperature inside your home and for a great night’s sleep.


As your cooling and heating equipment ages, it is completely normal for it to operate louder. Your units may also make noises when they are in need of repair. Whether you need repairs or new equipment, a loud noise can still disrupt your sleep schedule. Loud banging or thumping noise can abruptly awaken you several times throughout the night. 

No matter the noise you hear, if your system is making noises and waking you throughout the night, you should never ignore them. Consulting with your trusted HVAC company as soon as possible could catch an issue before it becomes a much larger problem. If your home is in need of new equipment, your technician will be able to offer the best solution.


Most homeowners do not consider the humidity inside their home if they are experiencing difficulty sleeping, if at all. Waking up with a dry nose or throat can be an effect from the humidity inside your home. Higher levels of humidity may cause trouble breathing and lower levels cause dryness. Both conditions can impact your sleep. 

A common way to regulate the humidity inside your home is with a humidifier or dehumidifier. These units can be installed as an addition to your current systems to treat the entire home. You can also purchase a portable unit that can be used in individual rooms. Ask your local cooling & heating company to assess your home and determine if a whole house solution can support a better night’s sleep for you.

Air Quality

There are airborne particles that you cannot see floating through the air inside your home. These particles can cause the quality of the air to be very poor and lead to coughing, sneezing, and congestion. If you suffer from allergies or asthma, the mold, dust, pollen, and other allergens trapped inside your home can worsen these conditions. Many times, your breathing will be affected during your sleep stages and disturb your night. 

If you are concerned about the air quality inside your home, you have a few options to regulate it. The first item to examine is your air filter. Changing or cleaning your filter can drastically affect the quality of the air. You also have the option to install an air scrubber that will cleanse the air before it is circulated throughout your home. Examining your ventilation to ensure it is adequate for your home is also important to improving your air quality. Consult with your HVAC technician to determine what option is best for your health, sleep schedule, and home.

A few adjustments and investment into your current HVAC system could be your solution to obtaining a good night’s sleep. 2C’s Cooling & Heating provides quality HVAC services to the entire East Valley. Contact our office to discuss your needs and let us provide the best solution to help you sleep through the night, every night!

Do you think your HVAC system is causing you to lose sleep?

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