As temperatures continue to rise in the East Valley, the need for air conditioning is more important than ever. Do you find yourself not using parts of your home because they are too hot? Are there rooms with uneven temperatures? These may be great areas to install a mini-split system. 

What is a mini-split system?

Mini-split systems are used to control the cooling or heating temperatures in specific, individual rooms or spaces. Two main components make up a mini-split system: an outdoor compressor and an indoor air handler. 

These systems are popular as they are easy to install and can typically be completed in a few hours. A small hole, cut through a wall, is required for the conduit – the tube holding power & communication cables, copper tubes, and condensation drain line. This is the piece that links the outdoor unit to the indoor unit.

Common Areas of Your Home Great For A Mini-Split System


While your car does not require air conditioning to be comfortable as it sits inside your garage in-between uses, your garage can be used for much more. If you are one to use your garage frequently for various projects or hosting parties, a mini-split system may be a good idea. This system can help keep you comfortable while you complete home projects or work inside your garage. The best thing is they can be turned off when not in use. 


Adding an additional room to your home is exciting as it is a sign of growth and a great way to expand your home. These spaces can quickly become expensive when it comes to tying them into your current HVAC system. A ductless mini-split system is a great solution to controlling the temperature inside without the added cost. New spaces can also be a burden on your current air conditioner. Installing a mini-split system will support your current system in keeping you cool. 

Rooms Far From The Air Handler

Have you ever noticed the temperatures inside the rooms furthest from your air handler are a bit warmer? This is pretty common, especially if these rooms also receive a lot of sunlight during the day. This imbalance in temperature can easily be solved by having a mini-split AC system installed. You will be able to create a schedule around when you use that room and control the temperature separately from the rest of your home. 

Work Sheds

Similar to a garage, work sheds are often used for various projects and hobbies. A mini-split system installed in a shed will not only create a comfortable work space, but also keep your hobbies safe for excessive heat. If you have a workshop that you frequently use, but it is not attached to your home, install a mini-split AC unit. Not only can you create a schedule & control the temperatures to your liking, you also have the option to do so remotely.

Professional Installation

While installing a mini-split system can be easy, if you are not knowledgeable with HVAC, you run the risk of making a mistake. Hiring a professional technician will not only save you in the long run, but also ensure your new system is installed properly. They will also be able to do so efficiently. 

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