We all know that ceiling fans are a great tool to keep us cooler in the summer months, but did you know they can also keep you warmer in the winter months? Simply changing the direction of your ceiling fan can make you feel comfortable, adjust your thermostat, and increase the efficiency of your heating unit. 2C’s Cooling & Heating explains how changing the direction of your fan can make you and your wallet more comfortable this winter.

New Season, New Direction

Your fan direction should be:

  • Counterclockwise in the summer
  • Clockwise in the winter

Basic science teaches us that warm air rises. You can use your ceiling fan to draw the warm air  down in the winter months by changing the direction of the fan blades and turning your fan on low speed. By doing so, you will pull the cool air up and push the warm air down along the walls and back to the floor. Making this change can result in a warmer feeling room for you to relax and be comfortable in. 

We recommend to run the fan on low speed to prevent “wind chill effect”. You should not be able to feel the breeze of the fan, rather than forcing the warm air outward and downward. To  change your ceiling fan direction via a remote or the toggle switch on the side of your fan. 

Changing the direction of your ceiling fan, will allow you to also adjust your thermostat to a lower temperature. As your ceiling fan utilizes less energy than your heating system, you will most likely see a decrease in your utility bills. 


Vaulted or two-story ceilings with a ceiling fan mounted will not need the direction to be changed. The fan location is simply located too high to properly draw the cool air up and push the warm air down. If you have taller ceilings, you can leave your fan set to counterclockwise year round.

Altering the air flow with a ceiling fan can create a comfortable space for you in the cooler months, while helping you save a few dollars. If you are interested in learning more about how to make your heating system more efficient, contact 2C’s Cooling & Heating today. Our professionals are available to perform an inspection.

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