As we prepare for the inevitable Arizona Monsoons, homeowners want to ensure their home’s can withstand the heavy rains. Preparing for a monsoon can include trimming your trees, putting away outdoor furniture when not being used, and collecting emergency items just in case the power goes out. These tasks are all to protect you and your home when the monsoons hit and heavy rain comes. 

Can this rain damage your outdoor AC unit? 

The general, simple answer to this question is NO. Your air conditioning unit was built to be outdoors and designed to withstand heavy rain. An air conditioner is composed of parts made mostly of aluminum, copper, and plastic; all of which are not prone to damage from moisture. The electrical aspects and connections are all sealed to ensure your system will function as it should even in the heaviest of rain. 

A Few Exceptions

Of course there are a few exceptions and potential damage to look for during the monsoon season. We are going to examine a few times when heavy rain can be the root cause of damage to your outdoor air conditioning unit. 

Flash Flooding – When a monsoon hits, it is likely to cause flash flooding, which is a flood caused by heavy rainfall in a short period of time, generally less than 6 hours. When your air conditioning unit is submerged under water, it can be damaging and will likely shut the system down. If you have experienced flooding, we highly recommend having a professional HVAC technician inspect your system before you restart it. 

Debris Damage – A monsoon doesn’t only bring heavy rains, but also heavy winds. These winds have a tendency of forcibly moving items around your yard or dropping large tree branches. While your air conditioner can take a few hits, it may not withstand a large item being thrown at it with intense force. Wind-driven rains can also carry projectiles and debris that can be lodged inside the unit and impair the function of the unit. 

Yard Waste Damage – Other debris, such as dirt, leaves, twigs, etc, can easily make its way into your air conditioning system during a time with heavy rains and winds. While these items may not cause immediate damage to your system, if left untouched after a storm, the damage can become excessive and reduce the efficiency of the unit.

Should I cover my unit to protect it? 

While it may seem to be a good idea to cover your unit for protection or if you think it looks ugly, it is NEVER recommended. Plastic wrap, bags, or enclosing the unit in any way can cause significant damage. Moisture and condensation mixed with the Arizona sunshine can cause corrosion, rusting, and rotting of the various components. Also, the lack of ventilation can cause mold and mildew to grow. 

Experienced Professionals

2C’s Cooling & Heating is your East Valley, Arizona HVAC professional! If you are concerned about your air conditioner during the Monsoon season, contact our office. Our team is experienced with all brands of air conditioners and is available to inspect your system.

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