There is no doubt that the Arizona Summer heat has arrived and it is here to stay! During these warm months where temperatures can reach well over 110 degrees, homeowners rely on their air conditioners. Most days, the air conditioner is running full force almost 24-hours a day and rarely gets a break. If you are concerned your system may be overworked and not running efficiently, there are a few things you can do to help it.

Small changes can have large effects. 

When your AC system is running efficiently, you can expect your home to be cool and comfortable. An efficient system can also decrease your electric bill a little bit and give you a few more dollars in your pocket. Below are a few tips for keeping your house cool this summer.

5 Tips For Keeping Your House Cool This Summer

  1. Close Blinds & Curtains – This is a simple task that can help you feel cooler inside your house without the need of adjusting the AC temperature. Closing the blinds and curtains is a quick and easy task that can help lower your energy bills. Another option is to purchase heat blocking curtains, which are available at most home goods stores or online. These curtains block the sunlight and heat from your home and make sure your AC system doesn’t need to run as often. 
  2. Turn On Your Ceiling Fan – Another simple, yet effective, task that can boost the efficiency of your air conditioner. Also, the direction the fan is spinning makes a difference. During the summer months, it is recommended your ceiling fan rotates in the counterclockwise direction. Doing so will help circulate cool air throughout your home and to lower the temperature on the thermostat while not changing the feel of your home.
  3. Use Efficient Light Bulbs – Most homeowners do not realize the light bulbs inside their home can be producing heat. Switching your incandescent light bulbs for energy efficient LED bulbs can save you up to 85% more electricity. While LED bulbs can be a little most expensive, the savings on your energy bills can help offset the cost.
  4. Invest In Insulation – While most people think insulation is just for keeping warm air inside your home during the winter months, they don’t realize it can help during the summer too. Proper insulation can help your home stay cool, even when the summer temperatures are escalated, by keeping the cool air inside. Investing in a little more insulation can help save you all year long.
  5. Change The Filter – While you are using your air conditioning system frequently during the summer, it is important to change the filter frequently. This could mean as often as changing the filter every month. Doing so will improve air quality, keep your energy bills down, and help you avoid expensive repairs. Regular maintenance on your HVAC can also help keep your system running efficiently, especially when you need it most.

Consult With An Expert

These are a few simple tips for keeping your house cool this summer. For times when your system is just not functioning properly and you are not comfortable inside your home, call 2C’s Cooling & Heating. Our expert HVAC technicians are available to inspect your systems and offer the best solutions to keep you cool all summer long.

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