One of the most frustrating things to happen when temperatures are well over 100 degrees outside is for your air conditioner to not perform its job properly. When your AC unit is blowing warm air inside your East Valley home, there could be a few reasons why. Your air conditioner might be blowing warm air because there is a small issue or it could be a sign of a much larger problem. We’re reviewing 5 reasons why your AC unit is blowing warm air.

Dirty Air Filter

One of the first items to inspect when you feel your air conditioner is not functioning properly is the air filter. A dirty filter with debris, animal hair, and dust build-up can prevent proper airflow. A simple cleaning or replacing the filter can help your AC unit function again. 

Industry standards recommend checking your filter every 30 days, especially during the warmer months when you use your cooling system more than normal. Clean or change your filter whenever there is build-up to help your AC system to function properly and to support quality air inside your home.

Malfunctioning Thermostat

Another item to examine when your cooling system is not creating a comfortable environment is your thermostat. This could potentially be a simple fix to your problem. Many Arizona homeowners forget to change the thermostat from warm to cool or forget to turn off an automatic setting. Another common culprit is “someone else touched the thermostat.” Children, roommates, or others inside the home may touch the thermostat without knowing they have changed a major setting.

Failing Compressor

The compressor part of a cooling system is responsible for moving the refrigerant through the evaporator coils and condenser. If your compressor is failing, it will let you know by pumping warm air as it is no longer doing its job properly. Common causes of compressor failure are electrical or overheating from working inefficiently. 

The typical compressor in Arizona can last anywhere from 10-15 years, or longer. Annual preventative maintenance will help your system last as long as possible and help you plan for replacing your unit. It is best to have a professional inspect your system if you feel your compressor is failing as they will properly diagnose the problem and offer the best solution.

Low Refrigerant

Refrigerant is responsible for removing the heat from the air inside your home and carrying it outside. When your system has a refrigerant leak and does not have enough refrigerant to effectively cool your home, your system could blow warm air.

While this is a common culprit of warm air, it is necessary to have a trained HVAC technician handle. Refrigerant can be dangerous to your health and the environment when not handled in a proper manner. Call a professional as soon as you suspect your system is low on refrigerant to assess the situation and fix the problem.

Leaking Air Ducts

Another common culprit of warm air blowing inside your home, but not easily diagnosable is leaking air ducts. Typically located inside walls, basement rafters, or the attic of your home, your air ducts may have a tear or not be secured. Faulty air ducts will hinder the air from effectively circulating throughout your home. Be sure to call a technician to examine your air ducts and cooling system and provide you with the best way to fix your problem.

Contact A Professional

If your AC unit is blowing warm air and cannot be easily diagnosed as a dirty air filter or faulty thermostat, contact your trusted HVAC team. They will be able to properly and efficiently assess your home and provide the best solution to make sure you are comfortable again. 

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Is Your AC Unit Blowing Warm Air?

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