An air conditioner is a necessity living in Arizona where the climate is dry and temperatures reach well over 100 degrees in the summer months. When it comes time for you to replace or install a new AC system, location is important. 

While ac units are not the most pleasant to look at and they can sometimes cause a lot of noise. Hiding your ac unit may seem like a great idea, but finding a space to maximize the efficiency is going to be best for your home and your wallet. Below are four tips for finding the best placement for your new air conditioner.

  1. Look for Shady Areas – An area that receives a lot of shade during the day is an optimal spot for your air conditioner unit to be placed. Your unit will be able to work less vigorously to turn the air outside into a lower temperature before pushing it into your home. While trees or bushes may seem like a great idea to provide shade, you do not want filters to become clogged with leaves. 
  2. Plan Ahead – If you are building a home, thinking about where you are going to have a patio or area where you might host guests is relevant when choosing where to place your AC unit. Ask yourself, will the hum be too loud or if the unit will be in the way for gatherings and guests? If so, you may consider an alternative area for your patio or ac unit. 
  3. Two to Four Feet, Please – For your new AC unit to work efficiently, it will require at least 2 feet of clearance on each side. This will allow for proper air flow and ensure leaves and shrubs will not make their way into the filters. It is common to have a concrete slab installed for your unit to sit on. Doing so will create a safe place for your air conditioner and remind you to keep it clear. 
  4. Get Creative – As we discussed above, trees or shrubbery may seem like a good idea to hide the unit, there are alternatives that will hide the unit and keep it working properly. A common solution is to build a wood fence with large slots to block the unit from view, but still allowing for ample air flow.

Are you building a home and questioning where to place your air conditioner? Let the experts at 2C’s Cooling & Heating offer their professional guidance on where to place the unit to maintain efficiency and keep you cool! We offer quality ac units from top brands in the industry. Contact our office today at 602-881-5378 to schedule your free estimate! 

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