The average heat pump has a lifespan between ten and fifteen years. A lot can change in the HVAC industry and technology relm in that timeframe. Your heat pump system does not have to completely be broken in order to consider replacing it. We have developed four additional reasons to update your heat pump now!

Energy Consumption 

While your heat pump might be functioning properly and doing the job it is designed to, you should question whether it is doing so efficiently. If you are noticing a rising energy bill, energy is getting lost somewhere while you are running several appliances. While your heat pump is frequently run, especially during the cooler months in Arizona, it could be the cause of energy loss in your home. A routine maintenance service appointment can confirm if your heat pump needs to be changed. If your unit needs replaced, most likely your energy consumption will decrease with a new efficient unit.

Discover the Proper Size For Your Home

If you did not install your current heat pump, it might not be the best size for your home’s square footage. For example, a system designed for a larger house will not run well in a small place as it continuously cycles on and off, creating a less comfortable space. Your HVAC system also serves as a dehumidifier. By having a system that does not complete a full cycle, you are risking additional moisture in the air, which can lead to mold growth. If you notice your heat pump frequently cycling on and off, we recommend having a professional inspection completed. 

Indoor Air Quality

If you or your family has allergies or breathing ailments, you notice dust build-up in your home, or your home has humidity issues, you have the opportunity to improve the indoor air quality of your home with a new heat pump. Newer units are designed to combat airborne pollutants by integrating with your dehumidifiers, air cleansers, and ventilators. Many of these systems can also be paired with a smart thermostat so all controls are in one place.

New Warranty

Probably the best reason to update your heat pump is your new unit will come with a new warranty. While the terms of each warranty varies by brand and provider, most likely it will be better than the warranty included with your current unit. Also, several providers and installers give customers the option to purchase extended warranty to protect you even further.

If you are ready to replace your current heat pump, now is the time while it is still working. 2C’s Cooling & Heating is available to inspect your current unit and HVAC system. We will provide you with an honest assessment and options for a new unit should yours need replaced. Call our office today at (602) 881-5378 to set up your free estimate!

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