When it comes to maintaining a comfortable and healthy climate inside your Arizona home, there are many factors that can contribute to a fluctuating temperature. One area most homeowners do not think to investigate when things seem off is the attic. Living in the Sonoran Desert area, adding attic ventilation to your home can provide several benefits. We’re going to walk you through what attic ventilation looks like and a few of the benefits it can provide your HVAC system.

What is attic ventilation?

Science has proven that heat rises so there is no surprise that the heat within your house rises to the attic. When temperatures reach over 100 degrees during the summer, the heat in your attic has no escape and will raise the temperature of your entire house. 

By installing attic ventilation, this heat will be forced out of your house. There are several types of ventilation that can be installed to circulate the air and are commonly based on the characteristics of your house. Regardless of type, attic ventilation will help lower the temperature in your attic, in turn lowering the temperature inside your entire home.

Benefits of Installing Attic Ventilation

  • Lowers Temperature Inside the Rest of the House – When the air in your attic has nowhere to go, it will be forced back into your house. By giving the warm air somewhere to go and circulate through your attic, the temperature inside the rest of your home will decrease. 
  • Less Wear & Tear On Your Systems – The warmer your home’s temperature, the more your air conditioner needs to work to keep it at a comfortable temperature. By installing attic ventilation, your system won’t need to work as hard. Your system will require less maintenance and likely have a longer lifespan. 
  • Utility Savings – As your system will be working more efficiently with the installation of attic ventilation, you should notice a drop in your energy bill. 
  • Extend Your Roof’s Life – By installing attic ventilation, you aren’t only extending the life of your AC unit, but also the lifespan of your roof. Cooling the underside of your roof covering, whether it be shingle, tile, metal, or foam, there are several benefits including lengthening its lifespan.

Adding ventilation to your attic has its benefits and can be installed fairly simple. If you are concerned about the airflow in your home, contact 2C’s Cooling & Heating. We can help you determine where there are opportunities for ventilation and increase the efficiency of your home. Schedule your FREE in-home estimate by calling our office at 602-881-5378 today!

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