When there is a leak coming from the attic, most homeowners naturally assume it is caused by their roof. However, if your air handler is located in your attic, as many are in Arizona, it may be the source of your leak. Air conditioner leaks can be very inconvenient and not always discovered before extensive damage has already been done. 

Before you contact your local roofer, inspecting your attic for signs that your air handler is leaking will save you time and a few dollars. We are going to review common air handler leak causes and how you can safely check before calling your trusted HVAC company.

1 – Leaks When the Sun Is Shining – The most common sign that your air handler is leaking, and not your roof, is the leak is apparent when the sun is shining. Typically a roof only leaks when it is raining, but if water is still dripping inside your home when it is not raining, you likely have a problem with your air handler. 

  • To safely check your air handler, access it through the attic and see if you can spot any visual signs of water around your unit. Contact your local AC repair company so they can further inspect your system and find the cause of the leak. 

2 – Drip Pan is Overflowing – It is perfectly normal for water to be in the drip, or drain, pan. If this water is stagnant and not flowing through the pan, you likely have a problem with your unit. When this pan starts overflowing, the water likely seeps through your ceiling and you notice the leak. 

  • Inspecting the drip pan, you should easily see if it is full and overflowing. To find the cause of the pan to back up, you will likely need to contact an HVAC professional to perform a more in-depth examination of your unit. 

3 – Dirty Filters – Dirty filters restrict the airflow through your AC system and cause buildup of dirt on the evaporator coils. When your coils are dirty, condensation accumulates on the coil and this water can leak onto your ceiling. If your coils are not cleaned properly, they can freeze and your entire air conditioner can break down. 

  • Safely inspect your air filter to see if it is dirty. Replacing your filter several times per year can keep the air flowing and your coils clean. You can also take a look at your evaporator coils and see if condensation or ice has developed. If there is clear indication of water, contact your HVAC professional to properly clean your coils. 

You can avoid expensive and unexpected leaks by enrolling in an annual maintenance program. Having your system inspected by a professional twice per year can catch these problems before they cause significant damage. If you have not had your AC system inspected lately and you have safely made sure the leak is from your air handler, not your roof, contact a professional HVAC technician. They will be able to properly diagnose the issue and provide you with the necessary repair services. 

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